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Welcome to "All But The Cake" website.

Welcome to our world of packaging, or this is how we started out. We bought an existing packaging business that turned out to be an expensive exercise in chasing payment from customers who wanted expensive packaging and didn’t want to pay for it. This led us into a cash flow crisis, so we started selling off excess stock on eBay. We kept our pricing at a reasonable level to keep a good turnover in stock, then some of our clients would ask “can you get this for me?” Having access to many great suppliers we broadened our ranges of packaging, but then found our suppliers were having issues keeping stock levels so we started to look at importing some of the products ourselves.

Once we change our name to Cake Constructions Pty Ltd we became more passionate about sourcing innovative new products to bring to you. The name www.allbutthecake.com.au, came about as Cake Constructions Pty Ltd was too long to type. We trade as Cake Constructions Pty Ltd. As manufacturing in Australia is at all time low, many of our items are fully imported, except for paper bags, which I can proudly say are made in Sydney (paper is sourced from Japan and France).

While selling on eBay has been successful and a great way to sell online, there are many areas we find difficult to explain to our customers. As most people who buy on eBay hate paying for postage, (us too) we offer free regular post on all items, however if you buy multiple items and the regular post is included in the price is greater than the actual postage we will automatically upgrade your postage to express post to compensate the cost. The faster you will also receive your products. Buying in single payments may not link all your purchases together.

To our retail buyers we will offer tips of use for the products we sell, via email or paper in your parcel. Also, we are really open to any tips you can offer us. We understand that some of our customers want a wholesale price, this is possible but only given to a ABN that is registered to collect GST.

No accounts are offered to anyone as we don’t want to start the loop to the beginning of our story. We are happy that our business has grown and happy to assist in growing your business.

Our products change often in accordance to the latest trends. Lately Eco friendly, rustic and weddings are our latest's lines. Bling is the thing, for many party celebrations. We try and keep our prices low. Each product listing has questions that we have been asked, so we have added this information to save your time.

If we missed anything please ask and we will update our product listings. Please enjoy your time and ask any questions and we will do our best to answer.

Thank you for your time.