18cm Vegetable Parchment Circles Approx 7″

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50 per packet x 18cm Baking paper circles, see details about uses

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50 per packet x 18cm Vegetable Parchment  paper circles round

Learning about paper that you cook with may change your thinking and educate you on the words that are often confused with each other.  Grease proof paper, baking paper, silicone paper and vegetable parchment are different from each other with varying results.

True Baking paper (that I have used) comes in 2 forms, 1 is silicone paper and 2, is vegetable parchment. To test what you have, you cannot use sticky tape on either product, The sticky tape will not stick.   The cake will come out of the tins with a perfectly smooth bottom surface and will not stick to the cake, thus making it a more than one use product,  over time the paper will burn if used on high heat and will need replacing.

Other  user for the vegetable parchment paper besides baking  cakes are for going under pizza, using in a steamer, placing on a non stick pan without oil, sandwich presses and lastly for turning out mosaics stepping stones from a concrete mould.

GREASEPROOF PAPER IS NOT THE SAME AS BAKING PAPER- Greaseproof paper if held up to the light has hundreds of tiny holes in it, thus making it porous for the cake mixture to grab onto whilst baking and will stick to the cake. Removal is easy, but the cake will not me a smooth as baking paper. To test which paper you have, try sticky tape on the greaseproof paper, it will stick, but can be removed.

To ensure that the cake comes away from not only the bottom or sides, there is a cake release sheet that can go around the inside of the cake tins, these are only available in one length of 70.5cm, they are a couple of different widths, start at 11.5cm which is approx 4 and 1/2 inches (height of cake tin.)


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