18th Wooden Sign/Tag Cake Topper

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Wooden “18th”  cake decoration


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Wooden “18th” cake decoration made with 3 ply material that has been laser cut.

Colours available in this cake topper are Raw/Natural, Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter, Rose Gold Glitter, White Glitter, Pink Glitter, Blue Glitter, Red Glitter, Purple Glitter, Jade Green Glitter

All the cake toppers when being made from this material they are not all the same colour, as some appear lighter or darker depending on the timber sheet that is used. Laser cut means they have been cut cleanly via laser but the edges have that rustic burnt appearance (but stress they are clean cut).  The glitter is only on one side so the other side is natural but may have some overspray with colour.

How big is the number 18th cake decoration? The width is 12cm and the height of the 18th is 10cm, the pick measures 3.2cm. Suitable for a 15cm or 6” cake or bigger. 

 It is important to understand that these laser cut cake decorations are delicate and are easily broken if they are bent or treated roughly. As with all types of glitter, some will fall off, but there is plenty left on the decoration.  The glitter on the decoration is classified as non toxic.  The NON TOXIC GLITTER = NON-TOXIC – not harmful.  If consumed, then the product will cause no harm and will simply pass through the digestive system. This product cannot be classed as edible, as edible means the product is digestible and classed as a food, as this product does not break down when eaten, it is therefore labelled as “Non-Toxic” If concerned, non toxic glitters can be used on decorations that can be removed prior to eating.

The laser cut plywood decorations can be fragile (please do not exert too much pressure when placing into the cake)

The cake toppers can be made taller I can explain how via email when purchased.

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Raw Natural, Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter, Rose Gold Glitter, White Glitter, Pink Glitter, Blue Glitter, Red Glitter, Purple Glitter, Jade Green Glitter


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