4mm or 8mm Black Shimmer Pearls

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4mm or 8mm Black Shimmer Pearls 


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45g in 4mm or 8mm Round hard Black shimmer sugar pearls select your quantity and size from the drop down menu.

Colours available on this listing are a Black pearlised finish sugar pearl, the pearl has a Silver like sheen to the pearls, hence the name shimmer to distinguish the difference with the flat colour. 45g of the 4mm has the quantity of approximately 500 inside each packet. The 45g 8mm, Black shimmer pearls has approximately 90 in each packet.

Whilst these sugar pearls are hard you may prepare on a cake up to 24 hours before serving on a dry icing, if the icing is moist the time taken to soft or lose colour is around 12 hours before serving.

Best before dates are at least 12 to 18 months

Sugar Pearls Ingredients: Sugar, starch (Wheat/Maize) glucose syrup, Stabilizer (E414). May contain one or more Colours (E153, E162, E163, E160, E100, E171, E174, E133).

Glazing agent may contain one or more (E901 E903 E904)  Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose 555).

Product contains Gluten and may have been in contact with Nuts. Imported in bulk from Greece, packed in Australia

This item is not certified Halal or Kosher

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45g 4mm Black Shimmer Pearls, 45g 8mm Black Shimmer Pearls


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