Aqua Blue Sanding Sugar Australian Grown

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 Australian Grown “Aqua Blue Sanding sugar”


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45 or  90g  of  Australian Grown “Aqua Blue Sanding sugar” – Coloured with imported colourings.

Great if you want to add a little sparkle to you cupcakes or theme for your design. 45g would cover 12 Medium size cupcakes with medium coverage. Darker colours need less on a light coloured icing. Add a few sprinkles to your wet ingredients just before baking cupcakes and the sugar granules will slowly dissolve and sink leaving a trail of colour throughout the cupcake (only on pale coloured cake mix)

Need a colour for a water theme or your footy team colours? This could be your colour to inspire that water scene, also gives inspiration to add depth to a sprinkle mix when you don’t want to see the underlying icing coming through, use as a base colour layering the colour then add sprinkles over the top.

Colour ingredients imported from USA., and may contain 1  or more  U.S. Certified food colours  (blue #1, Blue #2, Red#3, Red #40,Red #40 Lake, Yellow #5  & Yellow#6) mod corn starch, vegetable gum, citric acid & < 1/10 of 1% sodium  benzoate + potassium sorbate.

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45g, 90g, 180g




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