He or She? 3 ply Timber Cake Topper Decoration Eco Friendly

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He or She? Cake decoration


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For a Gender Reveal party, don’t give any hints when you pick your colour from the drop-down menu with the “He or She?” cake decoration once the party is over, keep the cake decoration to add to your memory of the baby shower, and the people who helped you celebrate the birth of your baby.  T

All colours are gender neutral. Gold is the most feminine colour out of all choices. Pick from the drop down menu of Raw Timber, Edible White paint, Edible Gold Paint, Edible Silver Paint, Edible Gold honey paint and Edible Charcoal paint (this has a shimmer to it, but closest available in the edible range)

The cake decoration measures at the widest point 12.2cm (122mm) From the top of the “H” in and to the outside of the Question mark (“?”)

The spike is 4.3cm (43mm) long this can be made taller and my instructions will explain how.


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He or She?

Raw timber, White edible paint, Gold edible paint, Silver edible paint, Honey Gold edible paint, Charcoal edible paint


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