“hello” 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 2nd Number is Free

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“hello” 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 2nd number is free


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Welcome to pick your age group. You can pick “hello” comes with any single number and a 2nd number for free. Just send me a message about the 2nd number either via the checkout or in an email.   For example, you require a 40 set, buy the 4  and send a message to please send a 0.

All of this range of cake toppers in raw timber are totally compostable.

No assembling required; pop into the cake; they come in hello as one piece and the numbers are individual, so if you want hello 18, this is 3 pieces.

The raw colour (base colour to all)  is always different like nature itself so that the natural look can have a heavy grain or no grain. Please be aware some have a natural knotted grain, and even when painted, the texture of the grain may still be seen through the paint.  These cake toppers are best suited for a rustic theme.

The signs are separated to angle and place in the cake where you want it.

The “hello” sign measure the widest point, 10.5cm, and the tallest point is 5cm, with the spike is 10cm long. The number varies in width, so they are in proportion; the heights are 13cm from top to bottom spike. (the spikes are 8cm long)

The laser-cut plywood decorations can be fragile (please do not exert too much pressure when placing them into the cake). The laser has burnt into the timber to make the shape that shows your design, so please understand that the raw design features burn marks and wood grain. If you do not like the rustic look, do not choose the raw option.

Can you make these taller?  Yes, you can, and I will send you the tip on making it longer or taller with instructions in the mail.

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Cake topper Option

'hello", 'hello" with 1, 'hello" with 2, 'hello" with 3, 'hello" with 4, 'hello" with 5, 'hello" with 6, 'hello" with 7, 'hello" with 8, 'hello" with 9, 'hello" with 0~


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