Thank you cupcake signs

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Just a sign to say “Thank you”


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The “Thank you” cupcake  signs are made from a 3ply (3mm thickness) timber which have been laser cut. When timber is cut on a laser it burns the wood so the cuts appear to be dark, don’t be alarmed by this, as the burn is clean and smooth.

Add a little sign for a when you just want to say thank you to a cupcake or single serve dessert of your choice, this makes it easy for serving and you can have individual serving for those with dietary requirement as well as looking unique. 

Each sale of cupcake crosses come in a packet of 10, 20 or 30

These can be easily inserted into a cupcake, not every cupcake needs a sign, just add signs, to every 3rd cupcake add sprinkles to the remaining the effect will be just as good. So many choices of colour to add to your special day, these sprinkles can be found under Edible which has 3 sub categories, Deluxe Sprinkle, Sanding Sugars and Sugar pearls.

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10, 20, 30


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